Friday, March 31, 2006

Become Goh goh Already!

Yeh! I "upgraded" from Di Di to Goh Goh already!
That's weird!
This time I can be a "Big Brother" to take care of him
~ my new friend + neighbour "Meng Hin"
Even though need to let him have "Priority" 1st,
but I quite enjoy being a "Goh Goh"!

*He's 1yr old plus & can't talk well, so we seldom "communicate".

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Works of Art ~ Play Doh

my "Art works" are in great demand,
so these few days I managed to produced some in order to deliver!

Let's guess what's that?
That's my 1st "Product": A) monkey B) octopus C) alien

That's my 2nd "Product": A) "Do-do" B) hammer C) flower

That's my 3rd "Product": A) biscuit B) pizza C) human face

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hide & Seek

I love to play "WILDLY" with Ddy,
so every night I will "Treasure" every minutes...
I won't let them "off" once they reached the house!

Today, when I saw them step into the house,
I quickly run up to ours room
and hide beside their bed,
Started play "Hide & Seek" with Ddy!
Once he step into the room,
he'll started to look for me..
Although he can found me easily,
but I knew that he was enjoy it like I do.

*Ddy likes to play crazyly with me before he changed
(once he came back from work) & I love it too!

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

贴心的一个小男孩!~Mmy 的心声


然后对我说:mmy, don't scare Ryan protect you!
他也会做一样的动作,说:Never mind, Ryan "疼疼”!

然后说:mmy, why you cry? Don't cry, Ryan here ma..



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Monday, March 27, 2006

TARZAN @ Taman Tasik Cempaka

Today(Saturday), Mmy took me to KWen's house. Yeh! I am so excited, I love to go there because I like to play with our "Children's King" (JiuJiu) & "Sweet-Smile Princess" (KWen). I treasure every second there : I Sing, talk nonsense, and run around the house & played whole day....

TARZAN True-Nature:
JiuJiu took us to Taman Tasik Cempaka(Bangi) in the evening, I can't hide my "True-Nature" once I reach the garden, I act "Wildly" like a Tarzan (KWen said I was). I love that playground, it's link from one end to another, so I can climbed/crawled/run in there, but poor Mmy keep chasing me.
I jog along the garden with Gong2, and climbed "mountain" with him. I still remember the last "Fun-time" with Gong2 was 2 years ago, when we went to Botanic Garden@Spore.
At the late evening, we were exhausted especially me! So, as usual the way home always the "Hardest" period for Mmy, because she need to carried me!

It was a exhausted and Happiest Day for me, I hope JiuJiu will bring us go there again next time.

*That night, I have a very good-sleep until I "wet my bed" again ;p

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Friday, March 24, 2006

Malaysia YOUNG Idol 2006

song : Alphabet Song
Malaysia Young Idol 2006 : Round 1

song : "MaMa Hao"(妈妈好)Song
Malaysia Young Idol 2006 : SemiFinal

song : Together(当我们都在一起)Song
Malaysia Young Idol 2006 : Final (Winner)

Too young? Too "Kiasu"?

We struggle quite long time before send him to Kindergarten, lots of "Negative Advise" always "Fighting" with our will. They said : " I was too Young for schooling, you will make him "repugnant" toward schooling." "Don't be so Kiasu la...let them relax 1st la..", "So pity, schooling too early"...........Luckily, we still persist in our will, we decided to sent him to Kindergarten this year!
After 3 months of schooling,
we can discovered that "He's really improved a lot":
  • He become more independent - want to do some chore himself
  • More bold - can performs infront of stranger
  • Can write and control his hand better (in write and draw)
  • Managed to mix with others childs
    (most worry part, cause he don't have sibling)
  • Can express himself better - he will told us his "happening" at night. (mmy : I love to listen to his "speech", he always got "story" to tell...)
We're rejoice that our decision are right!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

New FRIENDS from Blog

Yeh! Finally I got my own "Gang" already :)
everytime so envy my cousin (Joelle & KWen) got lots of friends @ Blog,
so..... after few days "Hard Time"
(Mmy: really Hard to find....luckily my hardwork not waste)

the result is.......

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Visit my own blog

10.3.06 (Friday)
My 1st visit to Ddy Office and my own blog:

That day, Ddy OT again!
so around 9pm we went to Ddy Office to fetch him home,
usually we wait for him downstair,
but that day Ddy still need to "settle" somethings,
so we went to his office & wait for him.
I met Sabrina JieJie there, she was pretty & nice,
*Hope can meet her again + some sweet will be nicer!

Since nothing to do,
so Ddy let me use Uncle Lau's(Ddy colleague) computer,
*Thanks Uncle Lau & sorry that I accidently quit your software:p
It was my I visited to my own BLOG!
It was so amazing;
I can see myself, NingNing, KWen & Joelle in there,
can update their status shortly.

I hope Ddy can work late more....
so I can go to his office again!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sushi "KING"

Last weekend, we went to The Curve shopping.
& we went to Sakae Sushi eat Sushi,


I enjoy the "train" that will send foods over;
I like to take Sushi from there (the "train"),
It is Fun!
but Mmy & Ddy complained that
I always choose those "Expensive Sushi"
which were RM3.90 per plate (pink plate)

Guess what! My favourite Sushi are
"Ebikko Gunkun" (raw fish eggs) & "Unatama Don".
“see how enjoy & satisfied I am”

Monday, March 20, 2006

New Pepsi Ambassador 2006

Hot News!
Pepsi New Ambassador for 2006 was selected.
That's Right! Is ME!

*my posters & souvenier items will be launch soon..

Swim@KLCC Park

Last Friday(17.3.06), my Ddy & Mmy on leave. (because YehYeh & MahMah went to Spore) They decided to bring me to KLCC Park. Last time when we stay at Cheras we like to "swim" there, but since moved to Subang, it has been quite long time not being there.

Let me show you the Actual Swimming technique

Actually I discover that we don't need go to KLCC Aquarium,
because we can find all kinds of "creatures" there! See I found them...

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Bon vayage

Photographer : Ryan Boy

Tomorrow early morning,
my Yehyeh & MahMah will start their journey to Singapore,
they need to attend a wedding dinner there.
(they will be back on sunday)

I quite worry my MahMah, because she seldom travel,
"YehYeh, must take good care of her, ok?"

I will miss you all.....

Holiday Fun......@ home

Now is school holiday (from 13.03.06 - 19.03.06),
my beloved parent afraid I might too "free" @ home,
so they decided to fill my time with

It is non-toxic, non-staining, and safe for children,
it was designed to encourage open-ended creativity
and imaginative Free Play.

so far I can made : mee, pizza, flower, burger, biscuit, ball-ball...
now I am trying to create some "ART" with my imagination.
all the fans and admirer
Don't Miss It! "Ryan Art Planet" membership
will open for register soon!

The answer is....

Too bad nobody managed to "see through" my ART,

the correct ANSWER is......

"The fetus obtains oxygen and nutrients from the mother
through the placenta and the umbilical cord
........ so it's kind of "carrier"

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Now you see, now you don't

Photographer : RyanBoy

Let's guess what is that?

~ H I N T ~
we might thinks it is a "useless things",
but actually it play a important role as a "carrier"


Recently, KWen & Joelle keep mention about Kiz Sports & Gym.
To keep the "trend" I force to mention
"My MegaKidz Experience"

(YiPoh, Weiwei BiaoYi, DaGu, Joelle, ErGu, Ning BiaoJie, me, Ddy & Mmy)
went to the MegaKidz @Mid Valley MegaMall on CNY.

It was a "Excellent Place for Kids",
we can do lots of activities there.
But Mmy don't like it so much,
because everythings "count" separately;
especially for the "Art & Craft" part,
we need to pay for that & it was costly than outside!

So....... that was my 1st & last time trip :(

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

story teller

Good morning to all my teachers and friends,
today I want to tell you a story of : rabbit & tortoise.

One day.....

“ continue with my favourite story : ant & bird”

{ T H E - E N D }

Cut Hair-hair

Last Sunday, I went for a hair-cut. Mmy said when I was "young"(1yr old+), everytime I went for a hair-cut she will be very nervous because I'll perform my main 3 tricks : crying, shouting & kicking! So she have to bring some : toys, candies & things that might can get my attention. But each time I still will "performs", once the hair stylist touch me! Mmy said each time she will felt "embarrasing", so she will apologies & try to get another hair stylist after max 3 times visited.

When times goes by...... Now I can sit still and follow the hair stylist "command" and rotate my head accordingly! *Good Boy-boy right? And this time I even can told the hair stylist : "I want to cut my hair-hair like Ddy" & "I like to cut hair-hair" (try to please the hair stylist so he will put extra effort on it)

"Wa ta shi Ryan Shang!" (I am Ryan)
This is my new hairstyle : they said I look like a Japanese Boy.
What do you think?

Monday, March 13, 2006

Our 1st KTM Ride...

Yesterday (Sunday) was our "Family Day", Ddy & Mmy decided bring me go for a KTM(Keretapi Tanah Melayu) ride. We started our journey from Subang Jaya towards to Mid Valley Mega Mall.

Even the weather is hot, but it doen't spoil our mood. While waiting for the train I posed like my "idol" ~ Chicken Little. (look alike,right?) The excited and happiness fully shown in my face. After 15minutes of waiting.... the train finally come. I "express" my happiness through "singing & talking" all the way to Mid Valley.

We arrived Mid Valley in 30 minutes time. Ddy said luckily we took KTM, bacause the traffic towards Mid Valley was very jam. At Mid Valley, we went to Mcdonal's for lunch (my favourite!); went to Pets shop and Toys City (toys shop)..... the whole journey was "especially" arranged for me!

We started the journey home when I can't hide my tired face...

I was a happiest day for me! Ddy & Mmy said will bring me for a boat ride next time, I am looing forward for another "Adventure"....

Ddy & Mmy :
The whole journey was "tough" and "tired" (for us)... but we still felt rejoice and no regret to this trip;
because when we saw his face covered with happiness, we knew that he really enjoy it so much.......... it was a "Great Return" we hope for.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Funny Family Faces

Adults like to take our "UGLY" moment and published,
is my time to REVENGE

Let me show you all my "Funny Family Members":
my MahMah

my YehYeh

my GongGong

my PohPoh

photographer : Ryan Boy


So don't simply shoot me! Have to pay the talent fees first, ok?

Green Peace

I love all kinds of plants so much since I was small, that's why I suspect that I was the "angel" the send by God to protect our earth. After moved in this landed house, I can give full play to my "Green Peace" skill! I'll checked them every morning before I went to school; I'll water them in the evening and final checking at night with Mmy & Ddy. (mostly Mmy)

See I really put effort on it right?

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Since KWen don't believe that
I can do very well in drawing and writting,
now let me show you how concentrated I am
when I do my homework!
Actually I can be very "QUIET" when I need to!

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My homework

See how concentrate I am...... (do you notice my tongue)

After join as a member as "student", Mmy & Ddy said I improved a lot:
• I manage to hold the pencil in correct way.
• I can draw follow the line
• I can colour nicely (without come out from lines)
• I can sing a lot of NEW Song
• I know how to swim (actually still learning)

Some of my "masterpiece"

That's my Ddy!

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Power of Love

Thanks for all the comments and "LOVE" that provided, really appreciated and realise there are lot of "LOVE" around us!

Don't worry about me (as Mmy always told me : you're boy-boy must be tough!), I think I am recovering from the "Snake shock", this 2 days night I got a very very SWEET dream! I think the "Snake Monster" was being chase away from me by all yours "LOVE"! (hope so!)

Mmy : Ryan still mention about the "snake" last night before sleep, but after "comforted" he managed to sleep well all night. It really need some times and patient to get rid of it...

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Animals Planet

I like to watch documentary film, especially animals documentary. One day, as usual we watch it together; its about "snake", mostly talk about how snake "swallow" others animals. Ddy & Mmy keep explained the "snake eating process" to me to make it "clear". The "clear" explanation & pictures make me can't forget it!

I "scare" of snake started from that day, especially at night! Nightmare bothering me for last 2 nights, I keep shouting : " I scare the snake bit-bit me! The snake hiding under my bed!" So Mmy have to "hug" & comfort me all over the night to make me sleep.... (actually we didn't sleep well)

Yesterday Mmy ask me where got snake? and I told her that the snake will come in to the house at night and hiding under my bed, it want to bit me! So Mmy explain to me that the snake can't come in the Ryan's house cause Ddy will lock every windows & doors. And she turned my mattress and show me that there was no snake under my bed.(Mmy: I really hope it will help!) I know she was trying to comfort me, and maybe it's work, I sleep well last night!

Mmy & Ddy very regret :
Actually we didn't realise that will hurt (mentally) him so much, we just try to let him to know more about animals' way of life since he likes to watch it, we're too careless! But now we won't let him see this kind of documentary (animals eating) show again. We felt sorry that make him so scare of snake. We really hope he will forget it when time pass by.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Fun time with Ddy

Sometimes Ddy will feel jealous that I always stick with Mmy, actually I love both of them.... SO MUCH!

Just the way I "communicate" with them are different; to Mmy I will be more "gentle" and to Ddy I will be more "rough".

I like to play with Ddy, I like to "fight" with him...
See we both so happy with our Fun time!

Fall down from staircase!

Last Friday (3.3.06),
I fall down from my "playground"(staircase)!
Luckily no serious injured, just felt pain all over the body...

It happened when I was taking pictures
( I took Ddy's handphone & took pictures)
I try to took some "special angle" pictures
and I fall down.....
It was a " scary" experience... :(

Friday, March 03, 2006

Next victim like the poor Tammy

Joelle, sorry to tell you that.....
YOU ARE "Next victim like the poor Tammy"!
(pictures taken by Ryan)

*anyone like to watch Joelle's xxx video,
please leave email address to my comment.

Car Wash Service

Everytime Ddy wash car-car, I'll join!
I like to "help" them & I enjoy it so much.

Hei...don't mistaken that I just "kakacaucau"
I really try hard to "help" them,

you can discover it through

my expression & my "wet" pant.

* actually I enjoy to play water more!
& that's the only way can play water without "kena" scold!

Guess guess guess!

Do you know what's Beckham holding? (inside the circle)

*picture taken by Ryan

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Buddy ~ Lele

Let me introduce my 1st "Buddy" ~ Lele
We met since I was 2 yrs old.
I like to play with him,
maybe because he's the only one accept my "Hug"
(my way to show friendly. Hei! I'm not gay!)
not like others so afraid of my "Warmth"

Maybe now we seldom meet...
but we still so "Close" to each other!


Last Saturday
was a "Noisy Day" for adult,
(I think they will regret to let us gather together)
but a "Happiest Day" for me!
Because I can play with my "Gang".
*Wei BiaoYi, Ning BiaoJie, Beckham Gohgoh & Lele

They teach me how to play "AEIOU"
Actually we(Lele & me) don't really know the "Rules"
We just follow them : running, shouting, catching....