Friday, April 28, 2006


Recently, I behave so NAUGHTY!
I alway lose temper (发脾气)!
I scold MaaMa & YehYeh ....
I talk to them Rudely...
end up with their dressing down...

They blame me for being no manners to elder, but I just followed their tone and way to express unhappy. Why I can't do what they always practice? Why they can talk Loudly to me but I can't? ~ Ryan Boy

Parenting is really a TOUGH task! Sometime, we don't know what is RIGHT and WRONG! We wondering what make him changed? learn from school?learn from us(family)? or else? When we always talk too soft, he won't even listen and get the lesson. He always force us to rise our tone to make him know he's wrong! ~Mmy & Ddy

Any GOOD Advise?

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Love between Father & Son

The way I treat Ddy are
totally different with the way I treat Mmy,
"WILD & BOLD" is the way we treat each other!
We played "Wildly" & happily...

Actually I love to play with Ddy more than with Mmy,
cause Ddy can play very rough with me!
we always "fight", "argue", "angry" with each others....
but we know that
We Love Each Others Deeply!

"I LOVE U, Ddy"

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Play GAME?

Last Saturday,
my AhSok(叔叔), GuJie + Jess JehJeh*
come back home.
As you all know I love
"my house bustling with noise and excitement"
It was another EXCITED Day for me!
*GuJie's friend - my new KaiJeh

I taught them how to play "Game"
I don't know what's the "Game" name,
but I can teach you all how to play:

1. I will put some toys on floor in line,
then 1st player stand at the end of the toys,
2nd player stand at the other end, 3rd player just stand beside.. and so on.

2. when the game started, I will sing the Indian's song with Indian dance.
after the "performance", all players will need to take a toy from the floor,
then passing to each others with a "Give me five"!
"Why? You also don't know how to play like my family members?"
"I teach you already ma... always said don't know, don't know!"

Monday, April 24, 2006

New hair-style

Yesterday we went to salon cut hair-hair together!
*Ddy & me

See! Do I look "Leng Zai"?!

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Friday, April 21, 2006

GongGong's New TOY!

GongGong just bought a NEW TOY that day!
It's a machine to cut grass
:p sorry don't know how to call that thing!
GongGong act like children,
can't wait to "test" his new toy!
*He test it once he reach home.
See we "Test" his TOY together!

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

My beloved Nannies

My Nannies: PohPoh & MaaMa
PohPoh :
She take care of me since I was born till I was 1yr old.
That time I stayed with GongGong & PohPoh,
they take good care of me...
so I so "Plump" when I was a baby!
She's still my Nanny now, from we moved back from Spore to KL.
Poor MaaMa always being "bully" by me! =p

I LOVE YOU.... my dearest Nanny!

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Happening Day~YiPoh

Now is YiPoh turn....
She is a EXCELLENT Chef !
That day she brought her "equipment" all the way from her house
wanted to made some waffle for me!
*see, she love me so much! =)
But too bad my house electric supply too low (can't use her "machine"),
so... she took a HARD time to "Completed" 1 yummy waffle for me!
even though it doesn't look as nice as aspected,
but it was so YUMMY!
"YiPoh, never mind la... don't felt dissapointed la!"
& thanks for your efforts!

Happening Day~GongGong

Last Saturday, was a TIRED Day,
I need to entertain all the guests!
After BiaoYi, now is GongGong turn:
after showing "friendly"
(since small my way to show freindly is "hug-hug")
I massaged for him, play car-car with him.....

I even helped GongGong dye hair-hair!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Special Guests coming...

Last Saturday, my house FULL with guests!
They are : YiPoh + BiaoYi, PohPoh & GongGongIt was a Wonderful Day!

I was too excited till...... can't STOP!

I won't let BiaoYi "REST",
she must "PLAY" with me every second!

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Car accident

Yesterday morning around 9.15am, when mmy on her way to her office, she meet into a car accident! The third-party was a young chinese girl around 18 to 19 yrs old, she bang mmy car right at the driver seat! That time, mmy was so shock! She said when she notice that car was too late cause that car was speeding too fast and not stopping at the junction!

Poor Mmy was so shock even after the accident! It is kind of "luck" that she is ok (no injure), she can't inmagine if she was driving Malaysia made car. The "paper works" after this incident was so TROUBLESOME.

What a Bad day! :(

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Friday, April 14, 2006

GongGong & PohPoh visiting

GongGong & PohPoh

will come to my house tomorrow!

Really can't wait for that!


After this 2nd times cinema experience
& my "obedient" behaviour,
I think Ddy & Mmy will bring me
to watch movie "frequently".

To avoid and lighten their burden,
I will always "update" myself with all those

The nearest one will be : The Wild
of cause it is my next target!

following by : Over The Hedge, Cars, Open Season ....

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Watch Movie@Sunway Piramid

As promised,
Ddy & Mmy brought me to watch movie,
Ice Age 2 : The Meltdown @ Sunway Piramid.

We took some "delicious snack + nice view" before that...

Popcorn & drinks is a must!

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Sunday, April 09, 2006

DIY photo frame

Today after Mmy came back from work,
I took out the photo frame that presented by
Ergu(Ning's mmy) long time ago,
and "ask" Mmy "assist" me to complete it.
It is kind of DIY Photo frame,
can "print" our handprint with the clay provided & "design" it.
Under Mmy "guideness"
I completed this special "Ryan's Photo Frame"!

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Friday, April 07, 2006

Private time with Mmy

Every nite around 9pm,
Mmy & me will go back to our room for ours "Private Time"!

*I need to sleep before 10pm, cause need to go to school
We will watch my favourite cartoons, play or reading together.
We enjoy and treasure this moment every nite......

After those "activities", mmy will off the light and sleep with me
*we squeeze at my single bed, I want to sleep with her!
before we fell into sleep, we will communicated for a while;
we talk about my school happening,
she likes to ask lots of questions for everyday happened.

Then we sleep....
* I need to "touch and feel" her existing!
So I'll sleep so close to her to make sure she is still around!

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Muffin & SnowBall

My KaiJies (Mi & Siew) had brought a pair of rabbits as their NEW Pet.
(before this are : Guinea Pigs & Hamsters, hope next one is Dog)
Let me introduce them to you :
Muffin : brown color (female)
SnowBall : White color (male)
This day, GuJie bring them back to let me "Play" with them.
I love to played with them; I "Share" my toys with them
(actually I put lots of toys inside their cage);
I feed them; I used them as a "target" for my shootin
g practising!
(Don't let my KaiJies know, they won't let me play with their pets next time)

I prefered Muffin, because she "listen" to Ryan.
SnowBall naughty not listen to me and always sleep!

Hope can play with them again....

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Songs for you!

That's my School's song ~ Q-dees Song
*Mmy & Ddy love the "Q-dees action"

What song is that?
* NegaraKu ~ Msia National Song

Chinese Song
* 我爱大象大大大,我怕老鼠小小小。。。

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My Intimate Pal

Dung... Dung... Dung Dung!
That's my Intimate Pal ~ little-horse (hand-puppet),
I prefer call him ~ Hello BaoBei (哈罗!宝贝)
*since small once Mmy used little-horse played with me ,
she'll said : Hello BaoBei (哈罗!宝贝) to me.
I love to bring him everyway I been;
I love to let him sleep beside me;
I even love to "communicate" with him...

Actually he "hide" inside my toys basket since I was 1yr old,
so I didn't notice his axist!

Since the "Snack Attack" happened, he become my "Angel",
always stay beside me especially at night,
I can sleep well with his protection!

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My 1st QingMing Festival

QingMing Festival falling on April 4-6 each year, in this remembrace day we needs to sweep tombs, burn incense and paper money and serve with some snacks to pay our respect and filial to ours' ancestors.

This is my 1st QingMing Festival celebration, before this they always forbided me to join. This morning after a simple breakfast, we heading to the temple. After sweeping, serving the snacks & flowers, we went to burn incense and paper money, this is the most exciting part for me. Guess what I called the paper money? I called them "Ang Pao"!
* Actually correct also right? I just used another Beautiful way to called it!
I helped to carry those "Ang Pao" for burning!

The temple is surrounding by lots of plants and the air is fresh!
As a Natural Lover, I grabed this opportunity to "Survey" those plants.

lotus' pond

Come, I plucked a flower for you!

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

my PakPoh

That's my beloved PakPoh!

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@PakPoh's House ~ Ipoh

We settled down at PakPoh's house around 12.30pm. We love this house although it's look old and simple. The reasons we love it are :
• Big-big compound + lots of plants (my main reason)
• Lots of Classical items (Ddy & mmy love that so much)
• Felt cosy and comfortable
The hospitable PakPoh even pluck lots of Custard Apples for us,
of cause I won't let go this golden opportunity to offer my "helping hand".
See how enjoyable I am!

Must be ours Merrier Mood had influenced the lonely-doggie (next door),
she approached and show her friendly to us.
I managed to close to her because she won't bark at me!
(I hate and very scare of dog's bark)
come on, let's meet my Ipoh's friend

Thank you so much for PakPoh's hospitality
thoughful entertained,
we enjoyed this short-trip so much!
She even invited us for next Ipoh trip.

Monday, April 03, 2006

MC today!

After a "exhausted"
trip from Ipoh,

I was SICK!
cough, flu plus
the worst part is:

Swollen Left Eye!
* Oldest people said when you peep the opposite sex pee or bath will get this swollen eye, they called it “眼针”

So, to prevent my situation getting worst,
Ddy & Mmy decided let me take a day of MC.

But don't worry, actually I still very "Energetic"

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Journey to Ipoh

Saturday (1.4.06)
Today, we* will go back to Ipoh (Ddy's hometown) for
Qing Ming festival
We started our journey around 9am.
*Yehyeh, Maama, Ddy, Mmy, Gujie & me
While waiting for my breakfast@coffee shop,
I won't waste my precious time.
I use toothpicks to creat a "House"!
*I like to use toothpicks to creat "things" while waiting,
I think owner might black listed me, cause I always "waste" their toothpicks :p

Yeh! Finally started our journey...
I love the scenery along the Highway.

That's my personal chauffeur ~ Ddy

Of cause I won't forgot to bring my intimate pal : little-horse
*will introduce him to you all next time.

Let me charge my battery(nap) 1st!

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