Thursday, February 14, 2008

Neighbor pal visit me!

On day 4 of CNY my neighbor pal came to my home,
they all treated me as BIG KOR-KOR for them,
so i have to act like bog brother as brotherhood.

So much fun with both of them at this moments,
hope our friendship last forever!

Let's shoot the dog!

3 Rioter in the house

Sunday, February 10, 2008

1day of CNY

1st day of New Year early morning, i can't wait to
give my pet an ang-bao, see that?
i treat my pet so well...

"i hope u give me a bone..."

Poor morning, my breakfast is roti-canai, cause my favorite food
wan-tan-mee is not close..
so have to eat mamak food.

Sing new year song before take hong-bao from daddy & mummy.

CNY eve with decoration!

Hi everybody, guess what i doing for all this ang-bao?

That's right, i'm trying to decorate my pussy willow (ying-liu).

Mum help me to put up the string,

& i put all my master peace on the pussy willow.

after finish decoration, i still can't stop playing the ang-bao..

Guess why i so happy? cause mum said tonight must
wait until 12pm to sleep (sou-ye)
haha, have excue to sleep late.

Almost 12pm...
let me show u my tied face & master piece.
I have to zzzz......

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Steamboat @ New Years Eve

Guess What, this is the 1st time i eat steamboat,
mean put all the food inside the 'hot-hot wok'.
Very curious with the way people eat thing..

Oh..Hot, hot, my stomach can't wait to eat already....

This is just part of the food on table, still have a lot coming...Yummy..

My favorite, mee Sedap just on time to fill me up..
See how hungry i eat..
Hope u all enjoy i eat, haha.