Tuesday, September 23, 2008

LANTERN Gathering!

Venue: POPO House
Date: Moon cake festival night lor..
Time: After dinner lor...

Look at me, i'm the only one dare to touch fire.
The rest just stay beside will do.

Look at the candle light at night,
how beautiful they are...

Finally got 'gang' join me for
'candle night'.Ha ha.

"Don't play fire hor...
lantern only hor...."

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

'New Intake School Exam'

11.9.08, I went to my new school (力行国民型华文小学)for an exam.
But i don know what's going on. Daddy said
the teacher will have an exam for me
to see how smart am i, so just do so lor...

We arrived early at there, while waiting for register,
Daddy took a picture for me.
Look, this is the canteen.

Me, Ryan Chan, represent the USJ 3,
going to take the exam for 'class assign'.
See how smart that i look, no worry at all.
I'm ready for it!

After 10 minute, The register place getting crowded.
One of the teacher bring me up to the classroom
for the exam.

My mama & daddy wait, & wait, & wait....

After more than 1 hour, i came out from the
exam room, trust me.
I think i know all the question.
(I think so...)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Candle night with neighbour pal

On weekend i invited my neighbour pal
came over to my place for 'candle night'.

After walking a few round with our lantern near by our house,
mum allow me play the candle in front of the house.

.....& we already put aside our lantern.

look at it...how romantic.....

Unforgettable night to all of us.....