Monday, January 21, 2008

Sunny Day @KLCC Water Park

Very happy that today can play water @KLCC Water park,
see the way i dress? Look like a Japanese tourist right?

Before completely crazy with water, dad make sure i
FREEZE myself & take a photo with KLCC.

While this moment, Dad & Mum
just ignore me & they just having their great time
with keep on taking photo together.
Hey! Forget about your son ah?!!

"Shower here enough already Ryan, not need go home taking bath already!
Save water & shampoo over here, haha..."

But Mummy end up with...
Wet herself.. Who ask u mess with me, hah!

After 1 hour, my lips became purple color already, so we decided to leave the place.
This is the sad & tired face show up now..

Suddenly accident happen!
I fan-su (potato) fall down from the staircase.
Very hurt!

After that Mummy Stick a plaster for me
& i stop crying.
Mummy still the best!

See how 'pretty' am i, Flower boy stop crying already! But Dad said:
"Oh my God, Where is my 'boy'?"

Well, guess Ryan is very tired having fun @ water park.
But next time, "i'll be back!"

Friday, January 11, 2008

A day trip to Melaka

On 10 Jan 2008, It was a holiday. So dad & mum decided
go to Melaka & hang around that place.

Photo taken in front of Christ Church with mummy.
Nice right?

Mum attached by those traditional hadicraft products, me?
Spongebob squarepants charactor attract me more than other thing!

See those mask behind me? Mum like it very much. Take a shoot!

Dad? He feel the weather there very hot so he bough himself a ice-cream
& a nice hat to cover up the hot sun. Funny look huh?

After taking this photo, we taking a ride with this trishaw.
Look at the trishaw decoration, so fancy & flowery.

While saw the A-Famose, we request to stop for a while to take
a photo. See how mighty it was!

After under the hot sun few hours, we decided go to some place
with air-conditioning, hehe, no choice, city boy ma..
Ooi? why all the trishaw escort me?

On the way look for food, i saw a big big ship beside the road,
hey! cannot park there la!

Finally we found the food we looking for, Chicken rice ball,
famous food in melaka, but how come the rice is dark brown color?
It's yam version, hehe. funny color.

This is the sunset along the highway, beautiful isn't it?

But my battery is already flat...
Sleep all the way back.zzzzzzz...

Wishing @ pool @ Dataran Pahlawan

Taking a ride with Trishaw

Chicken rice ball-1

Chicken rice ball-2

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sunway Lagoon @ home!

Before school opening, daddy decided to let me
swimming @ home, see how excited i am.

I put all my favourite toys inside the pool,
especially my powerful water gun, so i can water the flower
easily without walk out.

It's almost 1 hours i still hanging around the pool,
can't bear to leave the pool so soon.
But my lips is getting purple already.....

Aiya, don't care so much already, play for a while.
Let me show you guy what is water ballet.Ta-da!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

1st time Playing Bowling!

On 1 JAN 2008, for everybody is a new years day, (also a holiday)
but for me is a BIG DAY, cause daddy promise bring me go
play bowling together! YEEPI!

Daddy, enough taking picture already, can't wait to start my first ROWLING!
(Perhaps is not cuci longkang?!!)

Aiya!Really cuci longkang la~!!!

Look like need mummy help already, if not my point will keep on (0)!!!

You all guess what no.bowling ball i used?
No.6! The lighter one, haha.
After finish the game, daddy & mummy bring me go eat Sushi,
oh, forget to tell u all, that day is their 6th wedding anniversary.
Hope they keep on celebrate, so i can play more bowling game, haha.

Love both of you!

(Longkang version)

(Also Longkang version)

(Mummy help version)

(Daddy help version)