Thursday, November 27, 2008

my loving babe...has grew up

a message from mmy:

time is little babe has grew up. when you are a little baby in my arm, how i wish today will come...but when this day arrived, suddenly felt kind of anxious...afraid that, i have miss some of your growing journey, afraid that, i can't catch up your foots step, afraid are growing too fast...

since baby, you are such a loving child, you are so sensitive to the changes around you, you are smart to sense others people's feeling, that's the most lovely character in you!! maybe that's why, you always make me felt so EASY to bring you up, no matter what kind of new environment you are in, you won't let me worry...i felt bad sometime you are the one make me calm down and soothed me with a word "mmy, Ryan no scare ma..."

i m PROUD of you.....
no matter how big and how fast you will grow, son
maintain this loving character...
make people around you feel your love,
as what you has been so far.

every year, every parents & teachers day,
every teacher will told me this :
"Ryan is a loving boy...he care & he will come n hug me sometime..."
to me...this compliment is better than how many marks you gain.

son...forgive mmy, if i didn't do my part well / if i make you suffer / if i didn't give you enough time....i m sorry

congratulation for enter another new journey...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Standard 1 Orientation week!

Halo everyone!
Notice that i wear primary school uniform?
cause i join the orientation week at my new school.
And is time to say bye-bye to nursery school.
Look at me, handsome boy right?

hmm..all new friend,
don know who is who...

Well, the class is getting start, i better pretend like
good boy...

Why so slow everybody....

I'm cool right? not like some crying baby..

Rest time, we all gather at canteen for 'tea time'.
can't spot me right? too many already,
around 400 new student here!

Finally this is the day, waiting for
daddy & mummy pick me up.

I'm very enjoy the day,
See, no crying baby like others,
Steady man!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

~Funny halloween mask~

Please vote for me which mask should i wear during
Halloween night?

The green ugly face?

...or dracula face?!!

.....or this?!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Year End Performance! (小牛仔很忙!)

On last week my school have a Year End performance,
each class have to participate different kind of dancing,
It's takes more than 3 month to practice the step,
My class represent the dance,-the cowboy dancing.

Did you spot me?
Am i look handsome for the suit?

All my family members come & support me, see that?
I'm very happy & surprise with it!!!

"Mummy very proud with you!!!"

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Little Lego Fan!

Everyday after school, just step in the house,
i always play my favorite toy, LEGO
no matter day & night.

But sometime still watch my favorite tv cartoon.

My personal creation-
Ryan theme good guy tank!

Another creations!
Dead man pool~

When mummy come back,
its her turn to play with me.

Bad guy base-
notice they all without head?!
Its zombie!!!
This is good guy moon base,
so much fun with all this creation
company me all day long!

Monday, October 06, 2008

KLCC Water Park Again!!!

Hari Raya, all the pople balik kampung,
but dad & mom bring me to my favorite place

Look at the twin tower, how beautiful it is,
er...cannot see clear la...

Aiya, drink some water again...

Dad & Mom cannot play cause they
don want wet their shirt,
they only took picture around them...

So much fun with water massage!

After an hour, we go get some food,
My tummy getting hungry already,
While waiting food coming, let's
took some funny picture!

Dad don care what happen, only focus on food
in front of him.

Take 1! Screaming!

Take 2! Saw a fat lady pass by!

Take 1! SUMO style!

Take 2! WONG FEI HONG style!

Take 3! BIG FACE!

OK, time off, is time to go,
see u guy around!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

LANTERN Gathering!

Venue: POPO House
Date: Moon cake festival night lor..
Time: After dinner lor...

Look at me, i'm the only one dare to touch fire.
The rest just stay beside will do.

Look at the candle light at night,
how beautiful they are...

Finally got 'gang' join me for
'candle night'.Ha ha.

"Don't play fire hor...
lantern only hor...."

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

'New Intake School Exam'

11.9.08, I went to my new school (力行国民型华文小学)for an exam.
But i don know what's going on. Daddy said
the teacher will have an exam for me
to see how smart am i, so just do so lor...

We arrived early at there, while waiting for register,
Daddy took a picture for me.
Look, this is the canteen.

Me, Ryan Chan, represent the USJ 3,
going to take the exam for 'class assign'.
See how smart that i look, no worry at all.
I'm ready for it!

After 10 minute, The register place getting crowded.
One of the teacher bring me up to the classroom
for the exam.

My mama & daddy wait, & wait, & wait....

After more than 1 hour, i came out from the
exam room, trust me.
I think i know all the question.
(I think so...)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Candle night with neighbour pal

On weekend i invited my neighbour pal
came over to my place for 'candle night'.

After walking a few round with our lantern near by our house,
mum allow me play the candle in front of the house.

.....& we already put aside our lantern.

look at romantic.....

Unforgettable night to all of us.....