Friday, December 29, 2006

Tung Yit

Tung Yit must eat "Tung Yuan"?
Did you ate yours?

*It is a reunion festival, another BIG festival for our chinese,
all the family members will try to rush back
to reunion & gathering together...what a meaningful festival!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

love or torture?

That's the way i "love" Gucci!

"I love Gucci girl!"
But I don't understand why they always scold me
while I am "loving" her :(

They always told me
"don't do that! Gucci will die! you must love your pet!"
I am loving her! That's why I will hug her TIGHT;
want to share my favourite movie with her(force her to watch tv with me);
playing hide & seek with her....

"Why they still want to blame me on that?
I really can't understand them..."

"What do you think? I am loving her or torture her?"

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Xmas trees

Since everybody were "showing off" their Xmas tree,
so I must join the team!
*KWen, Joelle & Ning

See...I got 2 Xmas trees!!
really "kiasu" right?

* Thanks Auntie Koh, presented me a Xmas tree (mine 2nd Xmas Tree).

Monday, December 18, 2006

Xmas Wishes

Merry X'mas!
Allow me present to you me another "masterpiece"
~X'mas Wishes to you...
Hope you will like it, do you?!

*Don't play play, Ddy & Mmy like it so much!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sneaking OUT....

Last Saturday, we Sneaking OUT!
Doctor advised Ddy don't go to crowded places,
to avoid infected by the virus.
But after almost 2 months of "Isolated",
he can't stand it anymore...& I can't stand it toooo!
So we decided Sneaking Out!!

To avoid the crowd,
we went to the MidValley Shopping early.
Luckily there was not too crowded,
such a long time we didn't enjoy our Family Day.....
that's why we treaure it & enjoy it so much!

"I Love My Family" Ddy & Mmy always remind me that...
"I Love My Ddy" He's my HERO...facing the difficulities bravely...
"I Love My Mmy" She try to be our angel, take care & protect us...

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

KaiWen~Ready to be "Big-Sister"

Last weekend (Sunday), we went to KaiWen's House. After long time not visit, KaiWen looks "grow" so fast.... she's so obedient, GongGong & PohPoh said she never play tantrum while JiuJiu & JiuMu not in! She knew lots of news things : Alphabet from A-L, can eat Curry (spicy foods), even can play with us already.....She might "prepare" herself for the little-sister, must set a Good-example for her, rite? :)

"JiuJiu & JiuMu, can set their mind at rest"

*too bad Mmy didn't bring her camera to snap those "moment" :(

Friday, December 08, 2006

KaiWen's little sister was BORN!!

Mmy just received a SMS from JiuJiu,
"Kai Xin (KaiWen's sister) was born"
She's 3.4kg weight.


Thursday, December 07, 2006

My New Pet~ Gucci Girl

That's my Buddy ~ G..U..C...C..I
She is a Miniature Schnauzer,
6th month old, she's as playful as I am...

"Thanks to YiGong, he promised will get a puppy to me,
& he really Keep his Promise!"

* The main purpose of getting a pet at this nick of time, is to add some "Joy & Life" to our house... but lots of relatives will start nag & advise us to send her back base on the hygienic problem! But we still no regret on that, cause we can see lots of JOYS in our house; She's Ryan good company, YehYeh enjoyed "Traininng" her, Ddy can spent his time on her....Just hope they will understand us" ~Mmy

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

School Performance

Such a loooooong time no bloging...
cause that's some "personal problems" to settle...

11.11.06 ~ School Performance Day
It was held in the afternoon - my nap time :(
so that day I force to have a early & short nap before,
Mmy & GuJie rushing me while I still "dreaming"
that's why I went to school with BLUR FACE!

Actually we(my class) just performance ONE Song only...

can you notice my "bad-little trick" while performancing?

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ddy & MaaMa's Birthday

25.9.06 ~ Ddy & MaaMa's Birthday!
It was a BIG BIG Day for Ddy & MaaMa,
& a gathering for our family also.

This is my beloved Dad,
people said we looks alike,
Do you think so?

That day, we have a "Fun-time" after dinner,
I "kacau" Ddy by putting his finger inside the "sambal",
see... how enjoyable we are!

"Dear Ddy,
I know you have been facing lots of "problems"
thanks for being brave & tough for us!
I LOVE you Soooooo much, DAD!"

Monday, September 18, 2006

...coming lantern festival

Even though now is a raining season,
we still can enjoy the "festive".
Gu Jie & Jas Jiejie busy decorating....

Mmy said "Lantern Festival" is a Big festival for us,
she likes to decorate the compound with lots of candles & lantern,
she said when she was a little girl,
whole family will be gathered together at the compound,
decorating, chatting, eating & enjoy the beautiful full-moon...
such a "beautiful memories" huh...
its make her keep trying to "create" that feel for me!

*Every Lantern Festival will make homesick!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

A remarkable Ipoh Trip

Last month(26.8.06), we went back to Ipoh again!
It should be a very delightful trip,
but I spoiled the trip by ~ SICK again!

that night, I got a fever!
Mmy & Ddy so worried about me,

the next morning they bring me to visit doctor,

luckily I felt better after medicines!

*but after this trip, my conditions getting bad,
they send me to the "child specialist"
(...continue by the "Hello! I am back" post)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

9906~KWen's 1st Birthday

09.09.06 ~ KWen 1st Birthday
Today, our "Little Angel" might sense
the atmosphere are different,
she feel so excited till she skip twice of her nap!
* evening time she even asleep in my Mmy's arm,
might be she was too tired... but mmy felt so content!

She likes to watch we
(Ning & me) play,
especially while we play

1yr old KWen
can walk with support;
can stand up without support,
likes to crawl at staircase,
got's 6 teeth already.......
actually it was a "Cousins' Gathering" for me,
I played with Ning BiaoJie whole day without "fighting",
we can get along so fine.... she even can take care of me!
Even KWen still can't really join us,
but she at least can play with us on certain games.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hello! I am back!

So soooooorry...... really looooooong time no see!
as usual mmy will give herself lots of excuses;
no time, too bz, can't even finish her works @ office,
no internet excess@home......

I hope all my fans will accept that!

Actually I am SICK for 2 weeks already,
begining started by coughing & flu,
even I ate all those medicine as doctor asked,
but still can't cure me :(
& getting worst, so they brought me to the Child Specialist,
they hope their "medicine" will be equal value as their cost,
but... I still haven't rercovered,
so today Ddy bring me to another "Specialist"
Wah! It was really a "High Class Specialist" .... it cost me RM130!!
We really hope this "High Class Specialist" will cure me!
God Bless!

*Doctor said it was too much phlegm in my throat & nose,
& I don't spit it out so it will cause coughing,
& follow by the sore throat & fever....

Even though It sound like I am very sick...
but don't worry I still as active as usual,
just all my family members will very heart ache
when they heard my coughing!

Friday, August 11, 2006

COMPLETE Family Portrait

Mmy heard that JiuJiu will go to India for 2 weeks
so especially "touch-up" our family portrait for him,
hope he will remember all of us...
she add in "little angle ~ KWen" in,
to make it complete!

hope all our family members will treasure this moment;
the "Great Union Day!"

*I thinks PohPoh must be very happy
when she know this picture was "Completed"!

Ning Ning BiaoJie in Spectacles

"Do I look CUTE in Spectacles?" ~ Ning

Last weekend, mmy received this cute picture from ErYi,
Ning Ning BiaoJie was wearing spectacles already.

Not because of watched TV too much,
not because of reading while sleep,
doctor said the main reason might be heredity dusease.
* this conclusion made ErYi felt so guilty...actually not her fault!
so hope she won't take it too hard.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Yeh! reward's day!

After wasting a Beautiful weekend at home,
yesterday was my REWARD's DAY!
Ddy was on leave yesterday,
he surprised me by fetching me back from school!
I was so surprised & delighted when I saw him!
Ddy brought me to Mmy's office,
it was my 1st time I visited Mmy's office,
we were going to 1Utama having dinner & "Gai-Gai"
happy family's day!
Ddy took his "antique toy" for me ~ SONY PS1
*because when I shopping at 1U, I keep waiting for my turn to play the game,
but the Jeijei infront of me still got a looong way to go,
so to avoid dissapointed me... Ddy promised let me play games at home.

see... how concentrated I am!

Monday, August 07, 2006

DRY weekend :(

Last Weekend was a very very DRY weekend! :(
Because Ddy need to work the whole weekend!
*He worked so late the whole week, sometimes till 11pm.
I hardly see him in a week, because I always slept at 9pm.

How about Mmy?
She was sick!
& poor Mmy need to do some freelance even she was sick,
so I don't have any chance
to "request" for a "Gai-Gai" (walk-walk)...

so.... the whole weekend I just stay at home :(

Friday, August 04, 2006

KLCC park...I am COMING!

Sorry for not update my blog recently!
*cause Mmy sooo busy & not feeling well this few days

Last Weekend, they brought me to KLCC park!
I like to swim there! Especially that was a HOT day.

last time I won't dare to do this!

I treasured every moment there
until no time to "take care" my parent
I played with news friends there,
so my poor parent have to entertain themselve.
Beside ignored them, I also tried to escape from them
I run away when they tried to go near me! :p

after the fun-time, I won't forgot to pick some flowers from the ground

Friday, July 28, 2006

Class Group Photo

Yesterday, I brought my class group photo home,
I really don't understand why after see,
they all will give me a "same response"?!
They all LAUGH AT ME!!
What do you think? Do I really looks funny?

*2 days before this photo session, my Ddy begin his "Smile's training" for me, he looks very care about it! He will ask me look at the camera & remember have to smile handsomely, don't do funny face, don't blink my eyes...........when the day arrived, he help me to "Gel" my hair until he satisfied with my look!

...Hope the result won't disappoint him...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Malaysian Mega Sale Carnival

The Malaysian Mega Sale Carnival is back!
Shoppers rejoice, from 22nd July to 3rd September
there will be all sorts of promotions,

bargains and discounts for shoppers throughout the country.
This is the time to spend and get bargains galore,
just get ready to flash your card and cash to enjoy Retail Therapy at its best!

WELCOME to Ryan's Art Gallery
up to 50% offer on selected items
Hurry....grab this Golden Opportunity to own those marvellous Masterpiece!
Latest masterpiece!
*not in sale

Monday, July 24, 2006

LeLe's iron head

After join in the Naked-party, LeLe get "high"!
He enthusiastically performed his Super Power: iron head!
*actually poor LeLe "kena" cheat by JiuJiu....he knock his head heavily!

I knock my head "softly" encourage LeLe performed better...

LeLe :" 我有吃饭嘛!“ (I got eat rice maa!)
*He said proudly while JiuJiu praised him

naked party?!

We held a Naked-Party at KWen's house that day,
actually I refused to join them....
but since Gong Gong & JiuJiu also join in,
so I must give them some "face" lor!

like to join us?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

twinkle twinkle little star

"twinkle twinkle little star......."

Ddy & Mmy said it will protect me like an angels
& let me have a sweet dream..

we putting up all the "angels" together

any angels in your house?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

KWen's improvement...

"Congratulation KWen, you really improved alots"
She can crawl very fast & steady,
She recognise words "鼻子"(nose) and "嘴巴"(mouth),
She know the "right way" to crawl down from sofa,
She know how to clap hand-hand,
She know shake head-head (JiuJiu said so)...

JiuJiu & JiuMu must be very proud of her!

Domino-team C

3rd team
Gong Gong & me
He is the mooost "proffesional" player
He can created lots of patterns with nice colors.
...while he was created "patterns" patiently...

....we were playing crazily!

poor Gong Gong "kena" disturbed by us...

...finally he......GIVE UP!

more video : Domino 3 / Domino 4 / Domino 5

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Domino-team B

2nd team
MaaMa & me!
I am the only one can let MaaMa

sit on the floor and play with me.... powerful, rite?

"...women behind successful men..."

Domino-team A

1st team
My creative Ddy taught me a NEW way
to play with my blocks : DOMINOES

"It is hard work, often on hands and knees, and requires an enormous amount of concentration and stamina. There are a lot of other requirements, such as no shaky hands, infinite patience, immunity to stress and being able to concentrate for long periods of time..."

and this part was Ddy resposibility....
I just need to wait patiently and then "push-it"!

more video : domino 3 / domino 4

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Computer Game

Let me introduce my NEW KaiJie (3rd) : Jas Jie Jie
Did you notice that all my KaiJies are "Pretty Ladies" ?
They all likes to play & chat with me!
I love to see them especially when they come with "presents"!

See.... she was teaching me how to play "Donut's Game" patiently!

It was FUN! & she promised will played with me next week!
"Jas JieJie, must keep your promise, ok?"

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I am BACK!


after a day of "rest" + "cares" from family members.
Very grateful for their "solicitous care" & love!

high FEVER!

Mmy: "we worked a bit late last Friday, so went we reached home was almost 8pm. We arrived home without his "welcome", just step into house we are stunned when we saw he was lying at the chair tirely with red (hot) face & tears keep dropping! He cry & hug me with his hot body said :"Mmy, my eye pain pain!" (very heart ache!).Without wasting any minute, we quickly brough him to the clinic. The doctor was shock after took his temperature~it was 39.4ºC (TOO HOT) ! He was vomited & crying while doctor treat him. "

"It was very heart ache when we saw he was suffering! He is a tough boy, normally fever, cough & flu can't stop his "active" behaviour...this time he must felt very uncomfort...I wish i am the one suffering! He felt in slept very early, around 8.30pm. I can't sleep well that night, kept watching at him. It remind me when he just moved to Spore, he was having a High Fever & vomiting also, that was my 1st time saw his suffering face and this time is the 2nd time!hope won't happen again! May God Bless him!"

Friday, July 07, 2006


Last Saturday, we attended GuPoh's 50 Anniversary Dinner.
It was a "long-hour" dinner, we arrived at 7pm (which it should began)
but after 1 hr for waiting... finally the 1st dish was serve...
luckily I was ate before that, if not I will be "shouting for dinner"!
The 10 dishes were served very slowly...

see... lots of "art-works" were created!

I will felt bored... (if just sat there & see)
But I DON'T!
because, my clever Mmy brought lots of "things" to entertain me:
cars, drawing pad, pencil, sweets...
so I didn't waste any single minute to explore my Creativity!
What a nice food decoration!
Do you know what is that?!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Ddy & Mmy give me a Surprise!

Yesterday, Ddy & Mmy gave me a BIG SURPRISE!
They came to fetch me from school.
I was so Happy when I saw them at the gateway.
I was jumping, laughing & shouting.....

"How I wish they can come to fetch everyday!"

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

BZ likes bees...

Started from last month, Mmy's company employed a new staff (junior). So poor mmy have to guide & take lots of times to "teach" him, plus the company managed to get a New client,

so the result is : works more & more!

Mmy seldom update my blog recently...
Mmy always need to OT...
Mmy less time for Ryan...
Mmy looks so tired...

Friday, June 23, 2006

David Beckham supporter

David Beckham & his cute son...
David Beckham
is one of England's true ambassadors for the game of football.
Renowned for his spectacular goals and his celebrity lifestyle,
he is an idol and hero to many...

cool, right? People said I looks like Beckham's son! :p

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


firework time... Chinese New Year already?!

for Ddy & mmy

That's what I mean "Surprise" for Ddy on Father's Day!

A gift to Mmy on Mother's Day!

It looks so simple... but so meaningful to us! ~ Ddy & Mmy

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

ordinary father's day...

"ddy ball & Ryan ball..."

This is a very very ordinary Father's Day... :(
as usual Sunday, we went for breakfast... stayed at home at noon...
the only special things was : Dinner @ Cheras with relatives
no cake, no special celebration!
even though it was such a ordinary day...

but I knew Ddy was HAPPY when
"I passed my SPECIAL art-piece to him (will show you all);
when I hug him & wish him Happy Father's Day;
when we spend our family's day together (just 3 of us)..."


Friday, June 16, 2006

hApPy fAthEr's daY

hApPy fAthEr's daY!
Do you all prepared a very "Special present" for your beloved father already?
I am going to let him have a Big Surprise!
My teacher will teach some tricks & prepare a present for Ddy...
so Ddy, be patient for that...

"I looks like you but better than you...
my bad temper likes you but worse than you...
i as stubborn as you, that's why i always...
...make you angry...
but Ddy,
I LOVE YOU just like the way YOU LOVE ME!"

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Car Show

I thought the "Car show" was just over!? (PWTC~International Car Show)
NO.... that's another MORE EXCITED one@1 Utama...
that's right! Is "Disney ~ Cars" Show lar... :p
If you miss this show... you will regret! (especially u : Damien)

The most attractive things is :
The Lightning McQueen Real Car Show!

"It's a real-real car you know?"
"so big! I can drive car-car lile Ddy lor?"
"must 'piu-yi' like the cartoon la..."
~ I was soooo excited!!
of cause I must take a photo with my idol + a similar smile!

......and now we are Crazy about it now!
see Mmy & Ddy keep tracing this Mcdonald Happy Meal's toys...
they said must keep a set for me!
They got the 2 different design poster already!
look like they are more crazy than me, right? :(

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ready... Get Set... GO!

Attention to all "Cars Lover"!
The Disney's animation cartoon~ CARS was launch on 8 June 2006!

A high octane delight for moviegoers of all ages:
"Lightning McQueen (Red car), a hotshot rookie race car driven to succeed, discovers that life is about the journey, not the finish line....he realize that there are more important things than trophies, fame and sponsorship..."

"Ladies & Gentlemen, start your engine NOW!"

"Maybe Ryan still can't catch the message from the movie, but he really enjoy and patient in the cinema, at least he knew who "naughty" and who is "good-boy-boy" in the story! Every time after the movie we will felt contain, cause he'll return us with a "non-stop" story telling (it can last for a week) & satisfied's smile" ~ mmy

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Let's "Kap-Band"!

Ladies & gentlemen...
here come our "Youngest Drummer"...

come on babe... let's ROCK!

Dreams Come True...

after all those "must do" ceremony...
here come my Favourite's Part : time to unwrap all the presents!

opened out the BIGGEST Present from Ah Sok!

I was so exicted when the presents "show their true faces" to me!
Lots of Surprises...
Guess what! My family's members can really read my mind!
They brought all my "Dream Toys" to me,
they make all my "Dreams Come True"!
that's my "bumper harvest" for this year!
water gun from YehYeh & MaaMa,
2boxes of LEGO sets from Ddy & Mmy,
a spin wheel from GuJie,
a Drum set from AhSok.

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I am 4yrs Old Already!

EVIL for Christian...BLESSING for Buddhist...
to me : it is a BIG DAY~ MY BIRTHDAY!
A simple celebration was held between our own family. Although it's fall on Tuesday (weekday), but my beloved family's members managed to rush back for my "Evening Party@Sharkey Pizza"! Why Pizza? because it is one of mine TOP 10 favourite foods!
As usual... after dinner,
the next scene must be a "Cut-Cake-Cake" ceremony...

They brought a CHICKEN LITTLE character's cake for me!

after song & it's time to take pictures with all the "members"...

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