Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Lobster Feast"

Last Saturday, mummy treat us with a Lobster's feast. Which make daddy dreams come true!!

As we know lobster is such an luxury food for us, even though mummy have been searching for it quite long time, but still cant manage to find an restaurant that can fulfil daddy's dream with affortable price.

Finally we are going to enjoy this Lobster Feast at Sushi Zanmai Sunway Pyramid. See how enjoyable we are....

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Father's day (Steam it yourself!)

On Father's day,The new steamboat shop near by our neighborhood
having promotion, so we all go there try this 'sushi-style steamboat'
& give commend.

See how happy Ye-Ye & Ma-Ma,
cause Mummy make the booking early
so we don't have to those people outside there.
Mummy huray!!!

When the food coming, look at their face, aiyo,
Very hungry hor...

Me not bad also, i ate 3 mee, 3 egg & some fishball.
Eat whatever you can fit it the stomach!

Taekwondo! Hey-Yak!

Have you ever see such a handsome
taekwondo learner?

This call: Horse ride Punch!

Let's do it & show daddy the 1st lesson!

This call self defence!

Spot me?

"Everybody Kung-Fu Fighting!"