Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hello! I am back!

So soooooorry...... really looooooong time no see!
as usual mmy will give herself lots of excuses;
no time, too bz, can't even finish her works @ office,
no internet excess@home......

I hope all my fans will accept that!

Actually I am SICK for 2 weeks already,
begining started by coughing & flu,
even I ate all those medicine as doctor asked,
but still can't cure me :(
& getting worst, so they brought me to the Child Specialist,
they hope their "medicine" will be equal value as their cost,
but... I still haven't rercovered,
so today Ddy bring me to another "Specialist"
Wah! It was really a "High Class Specialist" .... it cost me RM130!!
We really hope this "High Class Specialist" will cure me!
God Bless!

*Doctor said it was too much phlegm in my throat & nose,
& I don't spit it out so it will cause coughing,
& follow by the sore throat & fever....

Even though It sound like I am very sick...
but don't worry I still as active as usual,
just all my family members will very heart ache
when they heard my coughing!

Friday, August 11, 2006

COMPLETE Family Portrait

Mmy heard that JiuJiu will go to India for 2 weeks
so especially "touch-up" our family portrait for him,
hope he will remember all of us...
she add in "little angle ~ KWen" in,
to make it complete!

hope all our family members will treasure this moment;
the "Great Union Day!"

*I thinks PohPoh must be very happy
when she know this picture was "Completed"!

Ning Ning BiaoJie in Spectacles

"Do I look CUTE in Spectacles?" ~ Ning

Last weekend, mmy received this cute picture from ErYi,
Ning Ning BiaoJie was wearing spectacles already.

Not because of watched TV too much,
not because of reading while sleep,
doctor said the main reason might be heredity dusease.
* this conclusion made ErYi felt so guilty...actually not her fault!
so hope she won't take it too hard.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Yeh! reward's day!

After wasting a Beautiful weekend at home,
yesterday was my REWARD's DAY!
Ddy was on leave yesterday,
he surprised me by fetching me back from school!
I was so surprised & delighted when I saw him!
Ddy brought me to Mmy's office,
it was my 1st time I visited Mmy's office,
we were going to 1Utama having dinner & "Gai-Gai"
happy family's day!
Ddy took his "antique toy" for me ~ SONY PS1
*because when I shopping at 1U, I keep waiting for my turn to play the game,
but the Jeijei infront of me still got a looong way to go,
so to avoid dissapointed me... Ddy promised let me play games at home.

see... how concentrated I am!

Monday, August 07, 2006

DRY weekend :(

Last Weekend was a very very DRY weekend! :(
Because Ddy need to work the whole weekend!
*He worked so late the whole week, sometimes till 11pm.
I hardly see him in a week, because I always slept at 9pm.

How about Mmy?
She was sick!
& poor Mmy need to do some freelance even she was sick,
so I don't have any chance
to "request" for a "Gai-Gai" (walk-walk)...

so.... the whole weekend I just stay at home :(

Friday, August 04, 2006

KLCC park...I am COMING!

Sorry for not update my blog recently!
*cause Mmy sooo busy & not feeling well this few days

Last Weekend, they brought me to KLCC park!
I like to swim there! Especially that was a HOT day.

last time I won't dare to do this!

I treasured every moment there
until no time to "take care" my parent
I played with news friends there,
so my poor parent have to entertain themselve.
Beside ignored them, I also tried to escape from them
I run away when they tried to go near me! :p

after the fun-time, I won't forgot to pick some flowers from the ground