Friday, May 26, 2006

"Challenge" my GuJie

GuJie promised will played the water gun with me,
so every weekend when I saw her,
I will remind her that... after day...
finally she had keep her promise!

Our "WAR" begin:

started from that day,
GuJie had become one of my "CUTE Member"
*Ryan : mmy cute, Ryan cute, MaaMa cute & GuJie cute, I like them!
so... if you are the "Cute Member" that means you are his favourite one!

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Yeh Yeh's Birthday

17.5.06 was my Yeh Yeh's Birthday!
A "simple" celebration was held ...

we sing a Birthday's song for him

I make a wish with Yeh Yeh...

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

GOOD NEWS from Auntie LengYi

Auntie LengYi just announced an GOOD NEWS to me:
"I just win the auction!
I booked a House already!
I am a house owner already!"

We are so happy for her... finally her dream come true!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

LOVE is in the air ~ kajang

LOVE my BiaoJie & BiaoMeis: KWen~ decorate the "bride's bike" for her!

Joelle ~ I "share" my beautiful flower with her

& dance with her

Ning ~ she willing to share her water with me, see she so "sayang" me!

played with WeiWei BiaoYi, NingNing BiaoJie & Joelle

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mother's day@Kajang

The next day after Port Dickson trip,
we are heading to another "destination" ~ KAJANG
Joelle, DaYi & DaYiZhang were back from Spore!
We celebrated Mother's Day there,
it was a "biggest" Mother's Day Celebration ever in our family!
Our 1st family portrait
*Poh Poh must be very happy, just too bad our little "angel"~KWen was sleeping
sighh..still haven't "complete"

all mothers in our BIG Family!

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Port Dickson ~ 4

Oh no.... it was a raining day!
luckily the rain stop just after we finish breakfast.
without wasting any minute, we changed and rush to the sea side!
after putting down all the "equipment" we run into the sea...
it was a ebb tide..... got lots of sea shells (I call them "Niu Niu")
we catch them & bring them home. (they all died after 2days :p)

catch "Niu Niu" happily....

time to say : Good-bye to Port Dickson

more videos : pool / pool 2 / sand / sea side with Mmy / sea side~ sand

Port Dickson ~ 3

Sand & Sea :
after a nap & dinner, we heading to the sea side! Yeh..... :)
I always nagging them for bring me to the sea side
running toward the beautiful sea without waiting them!
build lots of "buildings"!

Throw the "sand ball" to Ddy!

take lots of pictures with the beautiful sunset...

* HITS 100 POSTS *

Port Dickson ~ 2

swimming pool :
After settle down in the hotel room, we straight away heading to the
sea side & swimming pool. Actually we plan to go sea side 1st,
but we can't reach the "natural sand"
(the sand there is artificial) so we abort that idea & heading to the pool.

Battery Charging~for another adventure!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Port Dickson ~ 1

Port Dickson 2day 1 night trip:
12.5.06 (Vesak Day)
we started our journey towards Port Dickson.

Felt so excited all the journey!

Our destination ~ Corus Paradise Resort

view from our room

to be continue........

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

Last Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day in advance,
because we need to go back to PohPoh's house in actual day.
(DaYi & Joelle will be back from Spore)

That day, AhSok come back to celebrate with us,
so Maama especially Happy!
*can see her smile all the while.

"Happy Mother's Day to all mother"

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

2002 FIFA World Cup

Recently, my parent were seaching for this BALL ......
they said it was very memoriable for me!
because I was born on that year,while 2002 World Cup.
actually they bought 1 for me that time,
but after we moved ~ "It was Disappear!"
Oh Dear! no matter how hard they try
they still can't find it
Now I am seeking for HELP!
If anybody know where can "Grab" this Precious Ball
please let me know.... please!

Monday, May 08, 2006

YehYeh's Game

YehYeh likes to play his "game" with me: he will put lots of folded paper (with numbers inside) on the table, then he will ask me to picked one paper and he will note down all the numbers accordingly.

He likes to played this game with me & only play with me!

Do you know what game it is?

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Mmy's Birthday

Last Saturday (6.5.06) was Mmy's Birthday,
we went to celebrated @ The Curve
because Mmy also like to eat Sakae Sushi!
~ after eat my skin was felt itchy!
we went back home just after dinner!
I was spoiled their mood!
Anyway, they didn't blame me,
we still managed to cut-cake-cake with Mmy!
"Sorry Mmy, I know I spoiled your day!
but I don't wish to.....
Happy Belated Birthday, Mmy"

Friday, May 05, 2006

Racing with KWen

KWen said she will like to RACE with me!?
Do she really think she can beat me?
hahahaaa.... she must be joking!
I look SMARTER, right?

Anyway, let me choose my racing car 1st.
after checking I think this car good enough to beat her!

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The Curve

That day I went to The Curve Shopping Centre
I got a NEW discovered :
I found a fountain!
A fountain looks similar with Spore Bugis's fountain!

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

RYAN ~ Adolescent Lion

"Ryan is Samson's(lion) rebellious teenage son
who is cursed with a wimpy roar.
Ryan longs to be wild and have a great roar."

sound familiar, right?
That's right! It's ME!
no wonder I like to be "WILD"
and recently like to "ROAR"
I am the RYAN in the "The Wild" movie!
so, Ddy & Mmy don't blame me for being WILD,
actually I born to be.
Don't blame me for "roaring" to others,
cause I need to roar to represent my indentity!

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

"Alamak House"

Last Sunday, I have a DATE with KWen!
It was our 1st date, so I very treasured it.
I "Take GOOD Care" of her all along our journey.
See! I really taking care of her, right?
She slept like a log ~ must be very comfortable!

Our destination was "Alamak House"?!
* should be Alamanda, JiuJiu like to said "Alamak" so I called it so.
It is a very spacious shopping mall which not too crowded,
very suitable to spend family's day there,
I love the surroundings : lots of plants & fountain!
too bad, the weather was too hot that day,
so Mmy not allowed me to Explore!
no wonder JiuJiu likes to take KWen there.
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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A&W night snack

Last Friday night, Ddy in such a "Good Mood",
he brought us go to the nearest A&W for night snack!
I will be the Happiest one!
Mmy said the frieds there are better than others fastfood,
I personaly love the frieds & hotdog,
Mmy like the onion rings & Ddy enjoyed the Rootbeer..
After the meal, I need some "Exercises" to burn my Fat...
It was a Special Night for us!

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