Monday, August 25, 2008

Snap shot!

Enjoy all the picture i taken!
Future photographer Master Ryan Chan!
Enjoy my masterpiece!

My first model(victim):

Wow, what a scary face!

Second model (victim):

Last model (victim):
Daddy & Mummy.
Hey, where you put your hand?!!

Candle night

Daddy & Mummy promish me allow me
play me lantern at night,
but that night keep on raining, so.....

.....we play inside the house.

See how excited am i with this moment?

Such a romantic night with Mummy,
Like having a candle dinner. haha

Car Wash Services!

On weekend, Mummy allow me to help her wash her car,
Let me make a nice pose before start work.

Look at me, how pro am i...

Mummy tried to teach me how to clean.

Ok, i get it...

Aiya, bubble inside my eye, help,help. that better,
same like i wash my body..

Mummy splash the water to my side!

....& i wet-wet already.
But so much fun playing water!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Bubble bubble i love u!

School holiday almost end,
Under the hot sun, let me show you my 'strong' body.
So much fun with blowing all this bubble.

It's WAR time!!!

As a man, we should protect our country, our house
no matter how it takes.
Me as a Soldier should do my part!!!

First, let's see where is the enemy..

Wait,wait, i saw the target moving...


Er..I think i miss it...

"Die-die i also don't want to come out..."

So much fun with my new gun.. haha.

Taking a nap

It's a hot-hot day, i can't sleep inside my bedroom,
so sleep at living room better cause have big big fan blow me.
But my daddy snap my photo while i taking a nap.
Did u see how my doll 'buli' me?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Holiday Activity!

School holiday started for 1 week. Guess what i'm doing?
Right, go to barbershop cut my hair-hair.
handsome boy already right?

Back from barbershop, it's my excited time!
Video Game! Daddy only allow me play
during school holiday! Yippie!

Check this out, this is Playstation 1st generation.
It's from my daddy video game , very old school hor..

Aiya! Very excited time now.
Don't block my view daddy!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Writing on the White Board

I receive a present from Cousin, its a big white board,
1st thing i'm going to write chinese name! nice or not?

hmm..what i going to draw next? i got it..

It's 'Durian! haha my favorite fruit. Love it so much.

next, start my chinese spelling, see i'm gonna fill up all the blank box.

Er..think first, i think is correct, correct la..don't confuse me..

Finally, my result is 100 marks! Yippie!

Meet my idol-Darth Vader

Last week i went to 'Toy R Us' guess who i meet?
Darth Vader, me favorite character on Star war,
& it's done by Lego building blocks. Surprise me!

Another cool stuff is, he's taller than my Daddy,
almost 7feet high leh! Holding the light saber
& sound of breathing. Cool!