Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Lobster Feast"

Last Saturday, mummy treat us with a Lobster's feast. Which make daddy dreams come true!!

As we know lobster is such an luxury food for us, even though mummy have been searching for it quite long time, but still cant manage to find an restaurant that can fulfil daddy's dream with affortable price.

Finally we are going to enjoy this Lobster Feast at Sushi Zanmai Sunway Pyramid. See how enjoyable we are....

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Father's day (Steam it yourself!)

On Father's day,The new steamboat shop near by our neighborhood
having promotion, so we all go there try this 'sushi-style steamboat'
& give commend.

See how happy Ye-Ye & Ma-Ma,
cause Mummy make the booking early
so we don't have to those people outside there.
Mummy huray!!!

When the food coming, look at their face, aiyo,
Very hungry hor...

Me not bad also, i ate 3 mee, 3 egg & some fishball.
Eat whatever you can fit it the stomach!

Taekwondo! Hey-Yak!

Have you ever see such a handsome
taekwondo learner?

This call: Horse ride Punch!

Let's do it & show daddy the 1st lesson!

This call self defence!

Spot me?

"Everybody Kung-Fu Fighting!"

Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Birthday Party @ McDonalds!

24th May, it was my 7th Birthday's Party Day at McDonalds!!
after a long-neck waiting...finally it's on TODAY!!
might be too looking forward to this day, we arrived there 1hr earlier.
so....waiting is the only solution...

after half an hour of waiting...
....finally the 1st guest has arrived.
I can't help to shout & wave my hand to her...

that's the 1st runner ~ Lim Pei Zen
she's such a cheerful n active girl.

following by 2nd runner ~ Lim Hao Run

more & more friends came...
"Welcome! Welcome to my private party!"

"McDonalds Birthday Party,
i also 1st time join le, hehehe."~HaoRun
(front : Lim HaoRun, back : Yeo Yu Jing)

(I love to chit chat with my friends)

Wah! All hungry ghosts start to grab their foods...
(from left to right : Yeo Yu Jing, Lim HaoRun, Timothy, Jaden Khoo)
they are my "gang" at school

(that's what we chat about at school)

"Ving Gee, I think you should on diet already..."

"Oh who care, boy just eat!"
(left : Yew Yu Jing, right: Timothy)

"hello, I am Max can call me Mexico!"

Ving Gee : " Jaden would u please don't splash your saliva on my food??!!"

the late comer, Danesha

Gillian was warming up herself for the Party's games!

Max also can't wait for the games...he wants to grabs all the prizes home

games haven't start...they are "rehearsal" already

finaly, the games started

Games start!!!...even Grace's dad also can't help to join us..haha

see how excited all my friends are :)

don't forgot this adult's corner...
they gave me FULL support all the time

"Hey, YuJing!! haven't stop lah! stand up!!"

oh dear,
in the other hand, Jaden keep hugging n kacau Gillian

Grace (pink shirt) looks so serious even in the games,
no wonder she will be the Monitor in the class.

Sofea (white ribbon on head)
always managed to stay cool in any situation,
even in the games...

cake session (see how the manager beware of Jaden, haha)

Manager very scared with Jaden's passion...
she always let him "settle down" 1st, haha!

That's my Big & Yummy Ben10 cake
~thanks to Gujie sponsorship

I am great to share my cake with all my friends,
cause all the while I am the only child in my Birthday celebrations

I am thankful to parent for preparing this wonderful party for me.
Thanks, dad & mum!

PeiZen love my Blueberry cake so much...yummy!!

although manager said after cake session the party will be end,
but after ate the cake,
we continued our "baloons session"

"Vin Gee, stop drinking..come & play with me!"

even girls also won't miss this last chance to enjoy,
they are enjoying this "baloons session" too
except...Sofea (standing cool & observed us)

"hello, I am Ong Ving Gee"

the Hyperactive boy ~ Jaden Khoo

Party over, is time to unwrap all my fuits of victory

oh no....why looks like all are educational items??!!
where is T..O..Y..S.???

anyway, I will like to thanks :
all the parents efforts to
bring their beloved child to my party;
all my friends to make my party success;
my "adult-supporter" to support me;
& parents to make this day so special!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Family outing @FRIM!

Date:8 May 2009
Time: 9.00am
Venue:FRIM(Forest Research Institute Malaysia)

While we still 'blur-blur' inside the car,
It just take half an hour reach the place from our home.

Look at the place, early morning a lot of car
parking at the side already..

Look up & see those tree-form,
isn't amazing those tree structure look very
different with tree at city?

Dad & Mum can't wait to take their 1st picture
after arrive there.

"Don't take me, i so shy,don please..."

Just follow the crow and walk to gather.

Everyone gather at the grassland.

"I'm the 1st one reached there!"

Let's start our exercise warm up.

Instructor seperate we into group to play some games.

'Hmm, let me hang around & familiar with this place."

"I'm so hot, wish this two leaf can be used as fan'"

Thank God mum already prepare the mini fan for me.

Games started! Look at dad running,
So slow!

Ooi? What is dad doing?bang-sai?
Oh, he's putting the straw inside the bottle.
But the action look

What a hot day, look at my hair you can tell.

Look what we trying to do?
Destroy an ant nest.
That's city boy behavior.haha

This is our Pastor.Friendly & Cheerful all the time.
I like pastor very much cause he like children very much also.

Another shot with Mummy.

The sun is geting higher & higher..

What a weird mushroom i found..

Hey, why you shot my navel?
It just a wood structure.

We all collected stick also.

"I really sweat whole body already."
But i collected a lot of seed, leaf & stick.
Wow, what a busy day for a farmer.

"Let me craft my name with my girlfriend name
together on this tree."

After the game, is time for LUNCH TIME!

Look at daddy, seem hungry & tired already.

Mum & me still energetic, no tied at all.
(cause we never play game ma...)

Everybody like hungry ghost when they have their own meal
suddenly so quiet..cause everyone enjoy their food.

Arrive home at Is time foe me to make a sweet dream now,
let my dog escort me when anybody try to wake me up.