Wednesday, June 28, 2006

BZ likes bees...

Started from last month, Mmy's company employed a new staff (junior). So poor mmy have to guide & take lots of times to "teach" him, plus the company managed to get a New client,

so the result is : works more & more!

Mmy seldom update my blog recently...
Mmy always need to OT...
Mmy less time for Ryan...
Mmy looks so tired...

Friday, June 23, 2006

David Beckham supporter

David Beckham & his cute son...
David Beckham
is one of England's true ambassadors for the game of football.
Renowned for his spectacular goals and his celebrity lifestyle,
he is an idol and hero to many...

cool, right? People said I looks like Beckham's son! :p

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


firework time... Chinese New Year already?!

for Ddy & mmy

That's what I mean "Surprise" for Ddy on Father's Day!

A gift to Mmy on Mother's Day!

It looks so simple... but so meaningful to us! ~ Ddy & Mmy

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

ordinary father's day...

"ddy ball & Ryan ball..."

This is a very very ordinary Father's Day... :(
as usual Sunday, we went for breakfast... stayed at home at noon...
the only special things was : Dinner @ Cheras with relatives
no cake, no special celebration!
even though it was such a ordinary day...

but I knew Ddy was HAPPY when
"I passed my SPECIAL art-piece to him (will show you all);
when I hug him & wish him Happy Father's Day;
when we spend our family's day together (just 3 of us)..."


Friday, June 16, 2006

hApPy fAthEr's daY

hApPy fAthEr's daY!
Do you all prepared a very "Special present" for your beloved father already?
I am going to let him have a Big Surprise!
My teacher will teach some tricks & prepare a present for Ddy...
so Ddy, be patient for that...

"I looks like you but better than you...
my bad temper likes you but worse than you...
i as stubborn as you, that's why i always...
...make you angry...
but Ddy,
I LOVE YOU just like the way YOU LOVE ME!"

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Car Show

I thought the "Car show" was just over!? (PWTC~International Car Show)
NO.... that's another MORE EXCITED one@1 Utama...
that's right! Is "Disney ~ Cars" Show lar... :p
If you miss this show... you will regret! (especially u : Damien)

The most attractive things is :
The Lightning McQueen Real Car Show!

"It's a real-real car you know?"
"so big! I can drive car-car lile Ddy lor?"
"must 'piu-yi' like the cartoon la..."
~ I was soooo excited!!
of cause I must take a photo with my idol + a similar smile!

......and now we are Crazy about it now!
see Mmy & Ddy keep tracing this Mcdonald Happy Meal's toys...
they said must keep a set for me!
They got the 2 different design poster already!
look like they are more crazy than me, right? :(

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ready... Get Set... GO!

Attention to all "Cars Lover"!
The Disney's animation cartoon~ CARS was launch on 8 June 2006!

A high octane delight for moviegoers of all ages:
"Lightning McQueen (Red car), a hotshot rookie race car driven to succeed, discovers that life is about the journey, not the finish line....he realize that there are more important things than trophies, fame and sponsorship..."

"Ladies & Gentlemen, start your engine NOW!"

"Maybe Ryan still can't catch the message from the movie, but he really enjoy and patient in the cinema, at least he knew who "naughty" and who is "good-boy-boy" in the story! Every time after the movie we will felt contain, cause he'll return us with a "non-stop" story telling (it can last for a week) & satisfied's smile" ~ mmy

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Let's "Kap-Band"!

Ladies & gentlemen...
here come our "Youngest Drummer"...

come on babe... let's ROCK!

Dreams Come True...

after all those "must do" ceremony...
here come my Favourite's Part : time to unwrap all the presents!

opened out the BIGGEST Present from Ah Sok!

I was so exicted when the presents "show their true faces" to me!
Lots of Surprises...
Guess what! My family's members can really read my mind!
They brought all my "Dream Toys" to me,
they make all my "Dreams Come True"!
that's my "bumper harvest" for this year!
water gun from YehYeh & MaaMa,
2boxes of LEGO sets from Ddy & Mmy,
a spin wheel from GuJie,
a Drum set from AhSok.

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I am 4yrs Old Already!

EVIL for Christian...BLESSING for Buddhist...
to me : it is a BIG DAY~ MY BIRTHDAY!
A simple celebration was held between our own family. Although it's fall on Tuesday (weekday), but my beloved family's members managed to rush back for my "Evening Party@Sharkey Pizza"! Why Pizza? because it is one of mine TOP 10 favourite foods!
As usual... after dinner,
the next scene must be a "Cut-Cake-Cake" ceremony...

They brought a CHICKEN LITTLE character's cake for me!

after song & it's time to take pictures with all the "members"...

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Friday, June 02, 2006

Birthday countdown!

My birthday is just round the corner!
@6.6.06 (evil?!)
4 more days to reach...

so beware of that day! EVIL is coming...

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Classic LEGO

Yeh Yeh & MaaMa bring me to attend cousin's Birthday Party!
It was me 1st time attending a Party!
It was FUN... lots of FRIENDS... lots of FOODS...

Before we went back from Party,
YiPoh(MaaMa's sister), gave me lots of "Classic Lego" toys,
MaaMa said it was Ddy & Ah Sok childhood's toys!
Waah... that's mean I am playing their toys, interesting, right?
so, Mmy said she must help me to keep some for my children!!(Kiasu!)

build some aeroplanes with it...

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My car is BACK!

My car is BACK!! ...finally...
After Mmy's car accident,
our car was sent out for repair.
Around 1 month ... finally "he" is back in good condition!
*they spent 1 month for all those stupid "paper works" (insurance),
really wasting comsumer times!Sigh........

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