Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Fight with KWen (II)

Ryan : Hmm.. just now you disturb me right?
KWen : So what!

Ryan : Now I want you try my "POWER"
KWen : Oh..no! faster run to Ddy there..

Ryan : Hei! You don't try to escape!
KWen : Help.... help!

Fight with KWen (I)

KWen : Biaoge, can I try you drink?
Ryan : You don't ever think about it!

KWen : Hee..Ha! I'll get it myself!

Ryan : See! I almost finish my drink!
KWen : Hmm! My drink sure taste better! :(

Friday, February 24, 2006

Go to KWen's House!

Mmy promised that tomorrow
will bring me go to KWen's House!
can't wait for tomorrow...
*KWen wait for me ok?


We always queue like "doo-doo-train"
when we go to "shi shi" at school
*can you spot me?

& the way go back to class also...
Yeh! that's me.

My "Habit"

I have to wake up at 7.30am every morning
to prepare myself for school.

Then Ddy & Mmy will sent me over,
I'll sing and talk all the way to school.
(sound happy right?)

But everytime, before i go down from car,
I will tell Mmy:
"I want Mmy, ask Mmy don't work la!"

Even my teachers know my "habit",
she will repeat that everytime she saw me...

*actually I don't know it's kind of "Habit" or I really need Mmy?

Thursday, February 23, 2006

I Love U, Ddy & Mmy

This few days,
my Ddy & Mmy

always come back LATE.
Cause they need to do "OT"

and the traffic really jam.

So every evening,
(started from 7pm)
I'll waiting at the door,
waiting for
my beloved Ddy & Mmy come back.

Even though
I need to wait long,
(they arrived home around 9pm)
but I won't give up,
I want to give them a
before they step in to the house!

I really appreciated that
every night they still
to listen to my "School's adventure";
willing to play with me;

willing to read book with me,
even they're really really TIRED.

Just like to let them know
"I Love U, Ddy & Mmy!"

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Ladies & Gentleman,
allow me introduce some of
My Masterpiece...

Title : MaMaMak
* MaMaMak is "pineapple" for 1yr old RYAN ~ title sponsor by KWen

Title : Sunset

Title : My angle of Adult's life

Title : My Playground ~ staircase

Nice, right?
don't play play
I got ART'S GENE le..

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I "Wet" my bed again :(

I think is weather fault,
I can't control myself recently,
I keep "WET" my bed...

This cause my parent
very BUZY every morning!

They started nagging everynight,
(coz they believe that can "psycho" me)
they hope that will help
to make me KEEP IN MIND!

Actually, I was trying so Hard
to "control" it,


Maybe, when the weather change,
the result will be BETTER la!

Monday, February 20, 2006

I miss Spore !!! (II)

Spore - Orchard Road
Shopping Paradise

This is my Spore's HOME

*Very familiar right, Dayi?
do you miss this HOUSE as i do?

Hei! Dayi (Joelle's mum)
do you think i can visit you shortly :p

I miss Spore !!! (I)

*Esplanade - Spore

I have been staying@Spore
since i was 1yrs old.

Although just staying there

less than a year,

(i left Spore when i almost 2yrs old)
but i have lots of

*Bugis Junction - Spore


*All photos were token before we came back to KL (Feb'04)

Friday, February 17, 2006

Get Well Soon...






Thursday, February 16, 2006

Melaka Trip

This is my 1st time been to Melaka.
Even though we just spent a day there,

but we enjoy it so much.

I love the Malacca River Boat Tour

Ddy & Mmy love the Jonker's Street.

Hope can visit Melaka again soon!

Super POWER ~ blog

My Ningning Biaojie finally
own her own blog liao...

Watch out of her SUPER POWER!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Monorail trip@Berjaya Times Square

Last Saturday,
Ddy & Mmy bring me to take the Monorail
(i love Monorail, i love the feel of everything under my foot)

"Thank you Ddy! MMuaks!!"

Talented Singer

Come on,
let me sing some song for you all...

Gong Xi Song...

Gong Xi Song Remix...

Spider Song...
so, do you think i am a Talented Singer?

My old toys..

Mmy passed all my "old toys" to KWen !

She said "they" don't suit my age.

But you see!
I still can sit on my "baby chair"!
and i think "they" still SUIT me!

Can you see how much i MISS them?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

"Lou Shang" video

Just add in this video clip to share our happiness!

Happy Valentine


* Today my
appointment FULL....

how's about you?

"Kwen & Joelle,
did you all
receive my roses?"

Monday, February 13, 2006

Chap Goh Mei (元宵节)

Today, Gujie, Ah Siew Jiejie and Mimi Jiejie
come to my house to celebrate Chap Goh Mei.

She is my "Favourite" Kaijie ~ Mimi Jiejie

She is my "Favourite" Kaijie II ~ Ah Siew Jiejie

She is my Gujie ~ I like to "Bully" her...

He is my BELOVED Ddy,
"I love U, Ddy"

and my

(you can't see her here, coz she's busy taking photo!!)

“Lou Shang"

Today (11.02.06) Mmy brought the
"Yu Shang" (鱼生)to Gonggong's house....

after dinner we "Lou Shang"(捞生)
We have to shout "Luo Hei! Luo Hei!"(捞起)
while we were "Lou Shang"
to wish that whole year will be a GOOD year.


I love "Lou Shang",
but I don't understand why
they STOP me to "Lou" HIGHER.

*Too bad that JiuMu and KWen Can't join us, coz KWen need to sleep liao...
It's ok, i leave some four both of you!

Love btw Biaoge & Biaomei 2

"KWen Biaomei, Biaoge come to LOVE you liao..."

KWen Biaomei : "Biaoge, i want to give you a kiss!"
Ryan :" But you can't SUCK my ear
like the way you suck your toe!"

"Come i teach you how to bite without teeth"

Ddy said KWen love to smile..... so cute

See KWen and Gonggong love my "Trick"