Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ddy & MaaMa's Birthday

25.9.06 ~ Ddy & MaaMa's Birthday!
It was a BIG BIG Day for Ddy & MaaMa,
& a gathering for our family also.

This is my beloved Dad,
people said we looks alike,
Do you think so?

That day, we have a "Fun-time" after dinner,
I "kacau" Ddy by putting his finger inside the "sambal",
see... how enjoyable we are!

"Dear Ddy,
I know you have been facing lots of "problems"
thanks for being brave & tough for us!
I LOVE you Soooooo much, DAD!"

Monday, September 18, 2006

...coming lantern festival

Even though now is a raining season,
we still can enjoy the "festive".
Gu Jie & Jas Jiejie busy decorating....

Mmy said "Lantern Festival" is a Big festival for us,
she likes to decorate the compound with lots of candles & lantern,
she said when she was a little girl,
whole family will be gathered together at the compound,
decorating, chatting, eating & enjoy the beautiful full-moon...
such a "beautiful memories" huh...
its make her keep trying to "create" that feel for me!

*Every Lantern Festival will make homesick!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

A remarkable Ipoh Trip

Last month(26.8.06), we went back to Ipoh again!
It should be a very delightful trip,
but I spoiled the trip by ~ SICK again!

that night, I got a fever!
Mmy & Ddy so worried about me,

the next morning they bring me to visit doctor,

luckily I felt better after medicines!

*but after this trip, my conditions getting bad,
they send me to the "child specialist"
(...continue by the "Hello! I am back" post)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

9906~KWen's 1st Birthday

09.09.06 ~ KWen 1st Birthday
Today, our "Little Angel" might sense
the atmosphere are different,
she feel so excited till she skip twice of her nap!
* evening time she even asleep in my Mmy's arm,
might be she was too tired... but mmy felt so content!

She likes to watch we
(Ning & me) play,
especially while we play

1yr old KWen
can walk with support;
can stand up without support,
likes to crawl at staircase,
got's 6 teeth already.......
actually it was a "Cousins' Gathering" for me,
I played with Ning BiaoJie whole day without "fighting",
we can get along so fine.... she even can take care of me!
Even KWen still can't really join us,
but she at least can play with us on certain games.